It is time to stop school harassment and bullying in Austin.

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This all started with a girl...

Hello. I'm E.M., a student at James Bowie High School.  I was sexually harassed by a student because I wouldn't be his girlfriend, he then tried to kill himself in front of me at school.  AISD still says it didn't happen.  They retaliated against me for reporting it.  I'm not alone.  It is time to change the system.

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Encountering Harassment and Abuse in an Austin School?

You are Not Alone - Know Your Rights

Looking for help?  Share your story, and I can put you in touch with people who will assist you.  AISD may not help you, but there are people who do care.  I've learned that none of us are alone.  Contact me with your story, and I'll make sure you are heard and helped.  We will change this broken system together.